Sunday, 10 January 2016

A New Year....... Looking back at Travelling Books

During 2015 I again took part in our Guild's Travelling Book challenge. I have posted some of my pieces that went into other people's books so thought I would share some of the lovely pieces that I am now the proud owner of now that my book has been returned!

Lorraine's first attempts at this interesting Indian stitch was really interesting, so nice to get the instruction on how to do it too.

I was so thrilled to receive Wendy' stunning stitchery and imagination. Her work is quite beautiful and she often exhibits in the part of the world.

Alyssa is the owner of an amazing photographic book which illustrates the huge variety of different tree barks from around the world. Her piece is just lovely!

I really enjoyed making a very abstract piece based on a painting of seaweeds.

I also enjoyed learning to create masses of bullion knots.

I've again learned a great deal from doing this challenge and look forward to what we will do in 2016.

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