Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Travelling Companion

With this year's Travelling Books each being on a theme I realised that I would not have the opportunity to continue to explore "Marks and Lines" each month, but work on a different theme. My book won't get back to me again for fifteen months. I might loose the impetuous to explore the theme by then.

My solution was to create a "Travelling Companion ", my own book which I can add to and work on whenever I feel so moved. 
I want to start with as minimalist as I can. I am using these images to kick start the stitching.

My own "Ice" background for the CQ Elements Exhibition, now touring.

Experiment for the "Ice" background 

I thought that I would try to extend my own practice by stepping outside my comfort zone right from the beginning.
I have taken some linen ecru fabric and applied acrylic paint to convey some embryonic directional marks that I can then work on with appliqué and stitch.

Now I just need to settle down and work out what it is that I want to convey.

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