Friday, 22 January 2016

A new spin on Travelling Books

As we are starting our third year of Travelling books we have tinkered with the format a bit. Everyone will be using an eight inch Pink Pig sketchbook to work in. All participants have been asked to choose a theme for their book and to set the book up with source material for others to use to inspire them to produce a piece of stitchery. There was a little apprehension at the beginning as members were anxious about how they would cope. A workshop at the November meeting gave people ideas and strategies so I think everyone went away happy that they could set up their book.
Everyone will therefore make a piece of embroidery on every theme over fifteen months. We are publishing the list of themes at the start of the process so that who need to make more than one in a month because they'd be away can do so. The themes are varied and challenging but it will be fascinating to see the full collection on a theme by the end of the process.
The older I get the more interested I become in simple stitchery , texture and colour. I have chosen "Marks and Lines" as my theme and set my book us with a collection of textiles illustrating the possibilities.

My own first piece is very simple. I wanted to use only materials that I already had and wanted to use "my" colours. My go to palette is "Autumn ". Interestingly I wear them too!


  1. Love the idea of travelling books. The stitching on your piece is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Maggi, really enjoying Handstitch and it's slower pace, more time to think about it.