Sunday, 6 April 2014

Contemporary Expressions at London ExCel

Our Kew inspired quilts from the Alsace exhibition were on show at the ICHF show at ExCel this week. Harder to get to for us from the Midlands but as an exhibitor the parking was brilliant for getting work to and from vehicles.

We had a lovely open space in which to show our work and the show attracted a lot of young people.
The retail was more crafty than at NEC but there were still some stunning textiles exhibits to marvel at!

I was particularly interested in the painterly work by Dionne Swift, full of colour and movement, all achieved with stitch. I would love to afford to own one of her larger pieces. But her flyer gives you a flavour of the style.

The other exhibit which grabbed my attention was a series of four 3D structures from Elaine Winterson on the theme of words. 

Each structure representing phrases used to shut people up, from top left: Belt up; Stitch it; zip it and Button it,  I thought they were exquisitely made and that the concept was brilliant. So bowled over was I by these that I neglected to note the group she was exhibiting with, sorry!
It is so inspiring to see work of this calibre. 

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  1. I missed this so thanks for sharing. I too love Dionne's work. Is it me, or are the galleries at these events getting much more professional? It seems standards are really on the up.