Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Abstracting Design ideas (2)

Continuing to be inspired by Christine Chester's course I have spent today working on her Intercutting technique. It's complicated and there were a number of points today when I would normally have thrown in the towel and given up, but persevering has taught me a lot!
The technique involves cutting strips from pairs of fabrics which are then alternated to create a new piece of fabric.

I created my fabric in the photograph colours

My fabrics were too tonally different and I spent some time considering what I could do to tome it down. My lovely embroidery teacher came up with some suggestions!

Cutting it diagonally and interleaving with two further colours  was definitely an improvement!

Adding brown organza and cutting it away in sections helped too and then I added a second layer of organza.

Quilted it and I'm now adding a few beads.
I now have a number of small 'tiles' of this multi cut fabric and I'll look at what can be done with these and explore a Log Cabin version too.


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