Thursday, 14 November 2013

Weedon Bec Creative Textiles Group

The last meeting of the group experimented with a technique for creating mixed media collage led by one of the group.
We worked on heavy weight vilene or pelmet vilene as a background and were asked to bring a main image printed onto transfer paper and a collection of paper images that went with it. Foils, voile and machine threads , bondaweb and Fuse Ex were also suggested.
We built up a background using torn and cut collage from our paper images and text, using the bondaweb to attach them to the vilene.
I used torn photographs of landscape and gardens to create a verdant feel. I layered this with black Fuse Ex  and  tore images of Fly Ageric mushrooms to add colour and finally my tee shirt print image which was of fantastical birds. Only at this point did I realise that they stark black and white bird images were going to be too much of a contrast...... But I used them anyway as this was a learning experience and I wanted to try all the suggested techniques. At the last minute I tried adding coloured pencil to my bird to see what effect a bit of colour would have.
Finally with added machine embroidery stitches to the surface.

Since then I have tried another experiment with the benefit of these trials and was better please with my work, using the technique to create individual labels for gifts.
Here are a couple of the labels made second time around. Probably won't do this again for a while but always interesting to try out new ideas and evaluate their place within ones own work.

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