Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Compton Verney Textile Fair

Along with my fellow members of ICE, we took part in the Textile Fair on Saturday. Most of us have had sales of work through exhibitions and commissions but this was our first selling show.
We set up our wares in the stunning Adam Hall at Compton Verney along with ten other textile artists and collectors. 
We had all produced a range of work from cards to mounted and framed work. Quite hard to create a homogenous look when one has work from a number of artists. 
The event was well attended in the morning with many interested visitors, feedback was positive but sales slow. I'm sure a lot of visitors were there to look for ideas of things they could make themselves and the stall selling materials were always busy. It was the small items that were selling not major pieces of work.
I don't regret the day. I learned a great deal about what makes a good pitch on such events and about the type of work likely to sell.

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