Friday, 1 November 2013

Full Circle Challenge

Despite everything else that I've been involved in this year I took part in the Contemporary Quilt Group Full Circle Challenge.
The theme this year was "Something beginning with S" I chose "Spirals and Squares". Each member of the group made an initial piece, based on their own theme, finished size 100 square inches. This was then sent on to the next person in the group. We were also invited to make a second companion piece
I decided to continue working on the Ammonites theme that has been a rich source of ideas this year, and use what little I had left of Esther's Ghanian fabric bought at Festival 2012.

My starting 100sq inches

This piece travelled on to three more quilters, each adding a further one hundred square inches to the piece they received. The fourth was able to add two hundred square inches before posting the piece back to the originator.
I also made a companion piece. Below is the section which approximates to the piece I sent off.
I had a more holistic approach to my companion piece and stuck more closely to the Ammonites theme. This is my completed piece.

Several months later, having worked on three other mini quilt tops in between this was the piece I received back.
The stitching you can see is actually what I added, but then realised I had not photographed it as it arrived!
To this I added two panels of gold silk to echo my initial section and to get a matching size to the companion piece I made.

Here are both completed pieces.

A challenge, to add to someone else's work, be true to their initial idea but with your own flavour. The three other pieces I worked on were all very different, demanding completely different approaches. It made me think and forced me to try things I might never have thought of sticking to my own work.
I recommend the idea to any small group who want to stretch themselves within a manageable sized piece.

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