Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Makers Mark

There are just a few days remaining for this small but interesting exhibition at the Beetroot Tree. Gallery, Draycott near Derby. I went specifically to see work by Gizella Warburton and Helen Parrott.
Both these textile artists' work are abstract, textural and and as the exhibition title suggests all about the mark making.
I had seen Helen Parrott's new book "Mark Making in Textile Art" and coveted it - full of exciting ideas for creating textural interest on fabric, had heard Gizella Warburton talk about her work and was so pleased that this show was close enough to visit.

Helen's work hangs naturally in the space, dominating it, because of its size and impact.

These two pieces of Gizella's are stunning, minimalist and full of tiny details.

I'd so like to own one or two smaller pieces like these, need to think about creating a space to hang them and save up!
I had an early Christmas present from a friend that day and came home with Helen's book! I'm treating myself to a chapter a day! Very clever the way that Batsford have created such a tactile cover to the book, very strokeable!
I have already made one sample inspired by ideas in Helen's book.

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed the exhibition. I like the way that the BT puts on such varied events, something for everyone. I went to this just after it opened and was hugely disappointed, particularly with Helen Parrot's work, and I have her book!