Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stitching again!

Another lovely day learning about using stitches in a more creative way. We used a template to aid the selection of our stitches and manner of using them. It took the panic out of working out what to try out on a blank length of fabric!
The order was:
  • Choose a stitch
  • Select a size of stitch
  • Choose a style - uneven, graduated, regular etc
  • Choose a pattern: wavy, spiral, loopy, radiating etc
  • Relationship to previous stitched eg. overlapping, single, grouped, scattered etc
  • Embellishment : wrapped, whipped, threaded, unembellished.
We did this as a group like a game of consequences, each adding a choice and then randomly selecting a list to work from.
I got: Buttonhole stitch / Variable / uneven / wavy / overlapping / whipped
This is what I managed to achieve:

Then given a second stitch, Cross Stitch and tried the same exercise.
Its a small beginning but I feel more confident now in using multiples of one stitch and allowing them to spill over each other.

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