Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Artistic in-puts.....

At this time of year my creative powers wane, not enough light, the wet and post Christmas blues. So, in need to some artistic in-put I've just got back from 2 days of re-charging the batteries in London!
We saw the "Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition winners at the Natural History Museum - a complete antidote to the blues - such amazingly talented photographers with such an eye for detail, image, texture. Some taken in far flung places and having spent days and days waiting for just the right juxtaposition of wildlife and weather and light but others, just as powerful, taken here in the UK and the result of happy accident as well as long patient waits.  As always, the most amazing images are from the photographs by youngsters. These young people already display the skills and eye that many of us more long toothed photographers still aspire to! In the 15-17yr old category my eye really appreciated a composition by Eve Tucker taken at Canary Wharf where the picture captures the really amazing patterning on the water - it would make a stunning piece of textile art!! Have a look at her work on the website below. One to watch for the future!Her winning image is in Wildlife gallery - 
Eve has kindly given permission for me re[produce her image here. Thanks Eve.

The second re-charging was also photography, this time at the Alselm Adams exhibition at the Greenwich Maritime Museum. I have always loved his images of the great wide open spaces in the western USA so it was a real treat to see so many original photographs together and some in huge, whole wall size! One very minimalist picture has inspired me to make a small piece of machine embroidery, which I'll get to once I've sourced some grey silk! Looking at the Eve Tucker image again the grey silk might end up in 2 pieces of stitched art!

Just for fun we also saw "One Man two Govnors" at The Haymarket, I've not laughed so much in absolutely ages!

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