Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stitches for Appliqué

Another two weeks have gone by and I've returned from another glorious day hand stitching!
Felt and felted and dyed blankets were the raw materials for our Appliqué and we explored the stitches that could be used decoratively to appliqué the felt to a background fabric.
We also used a limited palette of colours. My colours were Golden Yellow / Salmon pink / Deep Blue and purple and I used, Stranded cottons, Perle and stranded wools.

Our initial task was to stitch a felt circle to the background to evenly divide the circle into segments.
This circle is cut from dyed and felted wool blanket.
Next we took time to master Indian Edging Stitch - both facing out of the circle and inwards.
Working in larger scale than one would normally to enable easy stitch practice and to show clearly how the stitch was worked.
This is a second sample  with different colours and detached chain stitch used to fasten the pink felt to the background.
Using stranded wool yarns made the Indian Edging Stitch fit better with the texture of the wool felt.
This technique will have real spin-off for my Textiles work, perhaps not as "fancy" as this this but with shapes that need to be surface applied and decorative.
I feel energised and ready to embark on some new work, just as well, as my Easter Exhibition quilt is almost finished and I will need a new project!!

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