Monday, 2 April 2012

Planning new work

I have been so preoccupied by CQ10 and by a commission for a baby quilt that I've not had the time to devote to new work! Trying to put that right now.
I has a really useful day at the "Sewing for pleasure / Fashion and embroidery" shows at the NEC. Unlike the FoQ there was room to move in the isles, the exhibitors had time to chat and there were some interesting stands to browse.
I spent far too long on Stef Francis' stall, her beautiful dyed felts, silk, thread etc. just beg to be oggled over and stroked and I started to get my inspiration for a new piece  right there! I came away with a piece of space dyed felt, some dyed silk cocoons and some threads. With them in the bag I then went round looking for other things to tone with them. I bought some copper shim and some woven copper to stitch into the piece and on the "Silk Route" stand I found some chunky, woven silk which will be very interesting to work with too. Now all I need to do is draw up my ideas and get on!!!
I'm pinning these up on the wall so I see them all the time jog me into action!


  1. I love the stef Francis and the Silk Route stalls, always make a bee line for them, along with the threads and buttons and beads and....

    Sandie xx