Monday, 16 April 2012

London again

Fabulous day in London for the CQ AGM, a talk by Elizabeth Brimlow and a visit to see Matthew Harris' show at the CAA!
It's such a joy to meet up with other CQers - this year there were many current "Red" JQs to see, a selection from the Suitcase collection and I finally met up with 5 of the Full Circle Group and can now put names to faces!
Over lunch I walked down to the CAA Gallery in Percy Street where 50/50 - Matthew Harris and Cleo Mussi's show was on its last day. Ever since I first heard of Matthew Harris I have followed his work. I love the texture, and the mark-making and was even more impresses on seeing them in the flesh.
Also exhibiting at CAA was Susie Gillespie, she weaves with linen and dyes her yarn and fabric with nettles to create a very co-ordinated colour palette with fabulous textures in her work. I had not heard of her before seeing these pieces, but will definately keep an eye open for her work from now on.

I am resolving to use bolder stitch-work on the next piece  as the texture created this way adds real interest.
Returning to GQ after this inspiring gallery visit was a pleasure as we had the pleasure of hearing Elizabeth Brimelow speak and seeing and handling her layered work. She spoke alot about the importance of drawing to her work and about the impact that many years university study has had on the way she works. She very generously brought completed work we could drool over and samples which gave an incite into the techniques she uses. fascinating!
I had a really stimulating day and explored a little more of ordinary London on foot.


  1. I do so agree. Elizabeth Brimelow was such an interesting speaker and being able to handle those pieces and look at how they were made was fascinating.

  2. Sorry to have missed you at the AGM, it was an excellent meeting wasn't it. I was fascinated by Elizabeth's work with cut through and with sheers. Having seen your photos of the Percy Street exhibition I wish I had gone round there now but I got busy talking. I will have to look up Matthew Harris and Susie Gillespie.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. It's so nice to put faces to names. Thanks for sharing the experience.