Monday, 30 April 2012

CQ10 - Not accepted but......

I was not surprised to learn that my CQ10 piece had not been juried into the exhibition as I knew there were many issues with it. The process of doing it, however, taught me a great deal and for that I am grateful.
So, what have I learned?
  • Not to start the finished piece until I am certain that I have nailed down all the construction issues.
  • That planning out a full size drawing, trial or collage is important to get the balance right.
  • To get close to a finished size before cutting out. Start bigger than you plan, you can always cut bits off but you can't add to it!
  • Not to be afraid of an asymmetrical finished shape - go for it!
  • That I do have an eye for colour.
  • That I enjoy a challenge.
 Now I only have to decide what to do with it -
I shall look forward to seeing the exhibition at Festival of Quilts and commiserate with the other unsuccessful entrants!

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