Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

What an incredible place! A group of us visited this week, had an excellent, short introduction to the collections, with a chance to handle a small group of textile artefacts and then time to roam, absorb, sketch, photograph and consider the wealth of displays. Unusually the collections are housed by usage - all ceramics together, no matter from which continent or what century, this made it a little easier to consider how best to use my time. I am so glad I went on line before hand, there is just SO much stuff, you need a plan of campaign!

I was very struck by some example of South West USA ceramics from the Hopi, Cochiti and Sanidilfonso and took courage in both hands and sat sketching in front of the cases - scary, with people looking over your shoulder! However, it meant that I chatted to an American Ceramics Professor over on a study tour and to an art school student looking at pottery shapes!! There are motifs and patterns that I can see being adapted into a future piece of work.
 I spent far too much time in this area so will have to go back one day to see what other inspiration I can find!
I also managed to squeeze a couple of hours in which to see my cousin who lives there and share a lovely relaxed time. The older I get the more I realise how important family are, and I'm very lucky to have such a great family to belong to!


  1. It's a great museum! I love it. Sooo much to see.

  2. Hello Sarah, looking forward to meeting you this Friday!