Saturday, 23 July 2011

Art in Action

I so enjoyed my day at Art in Action this year. The weather was kind all day and the range and skill of the exhibitors was outstanding. I'm including a few comments about those that particularly caught my eye:
* Jane Freer-Wyld, a tapestry weaver, who used manipulated digital images as the basis for her work. The tapestries are woven on an upright hand loom. Images of raindrops on leaves were woven to produce subtle, delightful work.
* Anne Selby, modern silk shibori, her densely pleated creations have fascinated me ever since I first saw them in Chelsea several years ago. Her palette is varied and her pieces range from uber subtle to vibrant. I confess to having bought a scarf this year and am proud to own such a fabulous piece- black purple and green - and feels like heaven.
* Margo Selby, bold, abstract textile designs woven cleverly to give stretch and shine. I can't afford her work but have now bought 2 packs of offcuts, one used in a quilt for Jan Showers and this one for me to experiment with over the winter!
* The best of the best for me was Maximo Laura from Peru, a weaver whose vibrant work shone out in the International Art tent.
His work was imaginative, vibrant and skilled. Amazing to see him working with a colour image of the piece pinned up and two curved lines pencilled onto the warp threads, no other marks. That in itself is amazing.
I have included a photo of part of one of his pieces so you can appreciate just how exiting his work is.

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