Monday, 11 July 2011

A break from all this creativity!

Now that all the work for Festival of Quilts is done I'm allowing myself a short break to just do some uncomplicated stitching!
I was given a Jelly Roll, now that is a peculiar name for the Americans to give to this collection of strips of fabric because in the jazz era it was slang for a lover or for sex! I am going to use it and some of the fabrics I have been printing to make a throw!.

No hassle, no real effort just stitching for the sheer pleasure of it!
It is going to be stitched by hand so that on the couple of trips I've planned I can stitch on the train! I'm sure I'll machine quilt it, but for now its the gentle arts for me!
The design is really simple partly because the fabrics are quite busy and I'd like them to be the feature.

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