Friday, 8 July 2011

CQ Summer School part 2

The amazing variety of ways in which one can prepare a silk screen was the most useful thing this week-end taught me and I now know that I need a small blank screen!
On the Sunday morning we created a Flour screen - I had imagined a thick paste but in reality we created a mix of equal quantities of white flour and water mixed really well which we then pulled across the outside of the screen in both directions before leaving it in the shade to dry.
Once dry we used wooded barbecue skewers to etch marks very carefully in the flour paste, a slow job, being very careful not to pierce the mesh!! The screen was then ready to be used. I used two shades of blue on my prepared fabric.
I'll add a background colour next time I'm at The Bramblepatch, and the fabric is destined for my next theme!
The other major effort on Sunday was to use a vilene screen with the image painted with acrylic paint masking taped to the front of the screen. The idea was to go round the colour wheel using all the colours to completely cover the fabric. One had to trust the method as it was really hard to see what the final result might be like! I realised that I had chosen the wrong image for the task, the more geometric freezer paper stencil design would have worked better and the leaf would have been just as good as a one colour set of screens. I know better next time.
I am please with the effect and will try it again.
It was a great week-end and Linda Maynard was an excellent tutor, able to handle the different starting points of her students and with exemplary explanations, she's a very good teacher.
My thanks to the CQ committee for putting together such a brilliant Summer School.

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