Saturday, 30 October 2010

Traveling to Jordan

Its been a bit quiet here as I have been away on a trip of a lifetime to Jordan. We managed to squeeze in swimming in the Dead Sea, 4 wheel drive safari in Wadi Rum, putting our toes into the Red Sea and 2 fabulous days in Petra. Nothing quite prepares one for the extent of the desert or the brightness of the sun reflected off the barren landscape. The action of wind and water has sculpted this country into deep ravines, rocky outcrops and acres of wild untouched land that will grow nothing.
The desert is beguiling - the quality of the light, the huge open expanse, the colours and the ever changing scene before one - images I will never forget.
Petra was fascinating - it doesn't matter that one of the most iconic photos, the Treasury, is so well known - the moment it comes into view after the long walk down the Siq is magical and then the exploration of this huge site in the heat and dust is just such an exotic experience. I loved every moment of it, and had I been fitter, I'd have loved another day or two just to explore.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. What a coincidence that I went to a friends on Saturday and spent some time looking at their photos of Petra! The colours of the rocks were amazing.