Monday, 22 November 2010

Absent without leave!!!

Why do I always dream up these really good ideas for Christmas gifts? I then get bogged down in getting them finished in the required time. Yes I know its still November but some will have to be delivered in early December..... so, yes, the panic is on!
So... since getting back from the fabulous trip to Jordan I have had to finish Jan's quilt (more on that later) and make 2 quillows for my great nephews and a gift for a friend. I have been working so hard and playing with my new HTC phone that I've neglected my blog!
You see I found these two charming story books which I knew the boys would enjoy and the images were so tempting that I just had to consider a small snuggle blanket to go with each book.
I was so pleased that the publisher was willing to give permission to use the images and I am now stitching and quilting the second one.
Strictly, they are not quilts! They have a top layer with applique shapes which is then backed with fleece.
They are a new departure for me, as a rule, I don't do pictorial or representational pieces so I am learning as I go along. They will never be works of art, but that's OK as they are made for use not as ornament or heirloom.
I've included a picture of the whole so far, a closeup of "Larry" and the book "Introducing Limelight Larry" by Leigh Hodgkinson, published by Orchard Books

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