Monday, 11 October 2010

The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

I do my serious reading before I get up, comfortably propped up with a cup of tea! In preparation for my day a month course next year I am reading outside my comfort zone. This book sets out to help the reader discover and recover their creative selves. It forces the reader to recognise the blocks they use to circumvent their art work but at times uses language that I find difficult to take. Its shown me that I use my "Enemy within" to justify not making what I'd like to make rather than what I know I can make! This I think needs to be the focus of my work with Brenda Boardman next year.
The book has also shown me that I do some of the right things - I do take myself, and friends, on Artists Dates, I do have supportive friends and most of all I do allow myself time and space to do what I love to do - Stitch! So.... thanks Bren for making me take a step outside the usual.

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