Saturday, 22 May 2010


A whole week has gone by and I really haven't managed to make any real progress! Its much harder to shut oneself away when the weather is sunny, the outdoors calls.
We have had 2 lovely days in London, Somerset House and the Courtauld Collection took us a whole afternoon, followed by dinner on a boat on the Thames, blue sky and a good sunset made it more special, a lovely Christmas present! We stayed on Northumberland Avenue, right in the thick of it but our room at the back was amazingly quiet for central London. Next day it was up on the London Eye, amazing and then to The British Library to see their Maps exhibition - quite fascinating especially as I have been really into maps since a small girl when I used to draw my own and pour over an ancient Times Atlas largely pink with countries and areas with names no longer in use, it seemed quite magical! I sort have an idea that I'd like to produce a map in the form of a quilt!!!!! We'll see where that idea goes.
The sad think about the trip was that we both forgot to take our cameras, memories only in the brain.
I still have some UFOs to finish, some of which I'll take away when we go to Wales for John's Diptera Group field trip - I'll sew while they collect flies!! it takes all sorts. I'm hoping that it will mean I can start something new very soon.

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