Friday, 7 May 2010

Margaret Every Challenge

This challenge has been taking place each summer for a while now, with The Bramblepatch selecting a fabric which must be incorporated within a quilt. Up to now I have never been inspired by the fabric, so haven't bothered. This year 2 fabrics were offered, one which was covered in words! I love lettering in quilts and made a snap decision to "have a go". I bought 4 other related fat quarters and reckoned that I had enough fabric at home to complete a quilt.
With the other things I'm doing, the challenge fabric languished until this week when I realised that I only had a month left to do it! I found in my stash several toning fabrics and then had to think about the design. With a month only to make it it had to be a simple design, looking at the words, "real simple" shone out so my design is called "Real Simple" and so is the quilt! I've let the fabrics do the talking!
The top is now done!

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