Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why do I blog?

There has been a really interesting strand on the Contemporary Quilt Yahoo about the merits of blogging and blogging v website. On the face of it, blogging is a rather arrogant imposition of ones ideas, opinions and creations on an unsuspecting world! Before I started to post I enjoyed visiting textile blogs, especially of those whose work I enjoyed, especially when the process was shared. At that point I was visiting blogs of those I looked up to. How, then did I imagine mine might stack up? I suppose because I never saw this this as a vehicle to do other than catalogue my textiles journey and as a means of holding myself to the challenge of developing my textiles in a more systematic manner.
In the same way I enjoy the face to face contact with other textile artists I like to share what I am doing. Working away in a room on ones own is a lovely privilege but it's good to let in the sun and share the work too. Textiles artists are generally very generous with technique and there are so many ways in which we learn from each other. That at the root of it is my rationale!


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  1. I don't think it arrogant at all. I do share some stuff that might be best just left in a cupboard but feel that I do want to let people know what I'm doing. It's so much more a personal conversation here than FB.

    Funny, but I blogged on this exact topic a wee while back and at that point I'm not sure if the debate on the CQ group had started.

    Anyway, keep blogging.