Saturday, 30 April 2016

Threaded Together's Exhibition today

This year my work has been almost wholly concerned with abstraction from images. Our exhibition title has been the hook upon which I have built a series of four pieces all of which relate to abstractions from images and recollections of  bodies of water and their behaviour. 
I hope that they catch the mood, the colours and the movement of water, it's capricious behaviour and capacity to reflect the mood of its surroundings. I include short descriptions of what influenced these abstractions.

Rufigi Sundown

'Floating down the Rufigi Riiver in Tanzania as the sun was setting, listening to the start of night sounds, and watching the ever changing reflections on the river of the decaying light.'

Moonlit Zambezi

Relaxing by the side of the Zambezi river just above the Victoria Falls I watched the water in the centre of the channel tumble and race headlong for the edge, roiling, boiling and foaming, while the water near the banks was gently moving its way to the precipice.'

Harbour Lights

'A casual stroll late at night by the harbour in Bergen, I took a photo, buildings lit across the water. Thinking nothing much of the memory shot I was staggered when later I saw the small patch of reflected lights in the water, red, blue and yellows.'

Still Waters

The waters of the Norwegian fjords were cool,silent and gentle, with lovely reforming patterns and with light reflecting on the ripples.'

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  1. Those are gorgeous and the words with them make the images so much more interesting.