Saturday, 11 July 2015

"All washed up"

I came away from a couple of days "playing" with block printing and gelli pad experimenting with a number of cloths created from cleaning up sponges, blocks, plates and pads, collected together in plastic bags and a piece of well creased cotton on which I had gently wiped my sponges to remove the excess dye.
Now what?
They were ,of course , all colour related and along with some trial prints, blended together beautifully and I thought, "try and make a quilt!"
These were my raw materials.

It's going to be a quilt on a quilt and my first piece if stitching was to tear strips off some of the cloths and join them, by stitch and flip onto a backing and wadding.

Now I have to construct the layer this will sit on.
More of that later!

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