Sunday, 19 July 2015

"All washed up" pt 2

I have been really engaged with the stitch work this last week. I think I have the makings of two pieces of work from my whah up cloths.
The random, sponge wipe, cloth will form a background quilt on which I can place a strp pieced quilt.

The remaining purple cloth is forming a background quilt for the gelli plate wipings, stamp clean up samples.

I have created a tiny strip pieced section which I have inserted into the purple and then quilted the whole piece which I'm really pleased with given the randomness of its inception!
My floating quilt is strip pieced and quilted, hand stitch embellishments are still to be added.

Sadly all the quilting doesn't show up in this photo!
I've got some finishing up to do before Festival of Quilts so completing these may be delayed a little.

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