Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Start as you mean to go on......

One reason my creativity may have been so sluggish is the state of my work room! I went up to start work this morning and realised the mess I had been content to tolerate, so rolled up my sleeves and set to. Fortuitously one of the WBCTGROUP emailed asking if any of us had any offcuts she could have for her degree course, so I had the added incentive of having a home for some of the bits!
As always in these cases you come across all sorts of things you had forgotten you had, some have now been added to project bags, some to the bin, but I ended the day lighter a few bags of fabric I'll never use and reminded of a couple of fabulous colour ways I could make work from.
I now have a lean and tidy workspace.

So, no excuse in the morning, a clean space to begin creating! Lovely feeling!

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