Monday, 12 January 2015

Hand Stitching

 For someone who generally uses her sewing machine to construct and embellish her work I have spent a lot of time recently with hand stitches!
Out of necessity I was to make a sample for the Embroiderers' Guild meeting this month. Paisley was the theme. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the simple plying of my needle and it was a very gentle introduction to the year. I even took the idea from the sample and used in a a linen top which had seemed in need of a little livening up!

I also found this image on "Pinterest " which I need to ask my embroidery teacher how to do as I really like the way the stitches grow on each other!

Next, I want to start on the three lengths of fabric from the African Fabric Shop which are to be the mainstay of this year's work. Of this, more later.

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