Monday, 5 January 2015

A New Year follows the old one......

It's that time of year when ones thoughts run through the previous year and look forward to the New Year. 2014 was not my most creative year. I realise that a number of things contributed to this and I want to try and ensure that they do not have an undue influence in 2015!
I learned that I'm no good at making to order - I find it difficult to create something if I'm not fully engaged. I realise that it's the fabric that sings to me and sets me going. 2014 was also the year when I began to understand how to create an abstraction. I have so enjoyed the challenge of CQ's Journal Quilts and set myself to try four different approaches to three images. Here they all are.

I'm looking forward to finding out what the parameters for the 2015 JQs are as I find the discipline of making a small piece each month very good for me.
What do I want to achieve this year?
1.  My main focus is going to be on three lengths of fabric bought from Magigie Relph and the African Fabric Shop. Two are from Ghana and were created by Esther and the third is from The Gambia. For a minimum of one of these I want to create the quilt to showcase the fabric and am thinking of entering it in the "Two Person Quilts" at Festival of Quilts, the second person being the creator of the fabric. It seems only right to give credit to the woman who sets my energies off on a creative journey
2.  I am taking part in a "Whisper " quilt project where I receive a photograph of a small quilt every six weeks and make another based on my response to the one I receive. This too is stretching my skills and the process of analysis I am going through is teaching me to really look at things.
3.  Journal Quilt project - if it chimes with what I want to do, ie more abstraction! (See earlier issue of not liking working to order if it doesn't fit with my priorities.

So...... Now I just need to clear up my work room, organise myself not to create piles of things that don't have a home and then settle down to a routine of creating!

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  1. They look good together and I like the way that they have become more minimalist towards the end.