Sunday, 28 April 2013

Woman with a fish

I'm a member of Contemporary Quilt, one of the specialist groups of the Quilters Guild, our AGM was in London recently. The attraction of the AGM is the afternoon lecture. This year it was given by Sue Stone aka Woman with Fish.
Sue is a child of Grimsby and its fishing industry. Some of her most well known works come from a collection of old photographs of fishing families. She is an innovative and creative embroiderer who manages to combine hand and machine stitch very effectively.In many pieces she subtly alters the image from a photograph and substitutes one element of the photo with a fish in the textile piece. This creates charming, quirky evocations of past times.
More recent pieces have taken images of areas of East London with their graffiti, street signs and serendipitous found objects and married these with the people from older photographs. Very modern and exiting work,
Have a look at her website and Blog.


  1. Sarah - i am also a member of the CQ group. But was in two minds about the AGM (new member!) and now I wish I had come along. I love this type of imagery. So thanks for the report and for the link (I'm off to have a look).

    Also, if you are CQ and Northants is there a local group (not necessarily a formal one) that meets somewhere in the Northants area? I 'live' on the south coast and that is where I am a registerd member, but since I work in MK and spend most of my time in South Northants I am looking for a few likeminded people around here.

  2. Hi
    We are trying to set up an informal group. Hope to send notice through CQ Yahoo site soon, hope to meet you then. Sarah