Monday, 29 April 2013

"Into the Wildwood" part 1

Last week I spent two days on a course with Stephanie Redfern at The Bramblepatch entitled "Into the Wildwood". I have always enjoyed seeing Stephanie's work, recently at the Easter exhibition, and jumped at the opportunity to expand my skills in a different direction.
Planning for the course I looked at imagery that I thought I could work with. I really like Silver Birch trees,  graceful, willowy and the bark is so papery and interesting, so I collected images. I then thought about the mushrooms that grow with the birch trees and found that the common one is Fly Agaric, the pixie-esque red and white one!
Armed with these images I then tried to think about HOW I might use them in a composition to work on for two days. Knowing that "design" is not my strong point, I tentatively sketched out some ideas.
As you can see, my drawing has not improved!
After a introduction to her work Stephanie demonstrated some of the techniques she uses and then it off on our own to create!
I used most of day one to paint and print fabrics and papers that I might want to use in my composition. I was delighted to realise that one could use blown vinyl "anaglypta" (sp?) as a printing block and the one I had access to gave me a really good birch bark pattern!
I also tried this using a brown and yellow dye over printing on white cloth to achieve a similar result.
Eventually I had to actually try to create something rather than just playing with paint!


  1. I also love Steph's work. And she is such a generous tutor.

    I also discovered the joys of textured wallpaper. You can get free samples at your local DIY store and build up a lovely collection of textures!

    Looking forward to seeing how this might progress.

  2. I've seen Stephanie's work at Festival of Quilts and more recently on her blog and this workshop looks very exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing more too.