Saturday, 27 April 2013

Exhibiting over Easter

While away my work was shown at The Bramblepatch in their Easter Exhibition as a member of  ICE. Ten of us meet monthly and latterly bi-monthly, to support each other in our own work. We are a mixed media group who initially met as students of Bren Boardman.
"Ammonites Revealed" resulted from the happy accident of purchasing a length of cloth from Maggie Relph (African Fabric Shop) by Esther featuring a number of faded images of spirals which suggested ammonite forms. Pieced with gorgeous silks in vivid colours and with silk appliqué heavily embroidered and machine quilted.
I really enjoyed the physical making of this piece and felt quite bereft when I no longer needed to sit with it on my lap plying my needle!
Now I have to turn my thoughts to"what next", possibly a further piece using fossils, but also the two Sri Lankan inspired ideas. We'll see!


  1. I loved the exhibition. I got serious sketch book envy. I was so pleased to see such lovely work by so many people I knew. Can't wait to see the images from your holiday and how you develop them.

  2. Oh wow! I saw this and blogged about it a few weeks ago. Did you see it on my own blog?

    And it's you - one of the blogs I follow.

    I really love the BP space - I had seen Orientation before but was keen to see it again. And what joy to see work by other people too.

    I was at Uttoxeter Race Course this weekend, and it got me thinking about Towcester Race Course! Do you think there is space for another exhibition?? This should definitely be entered.

    Oh, and I also had Sketchbook envy!!