Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Surface Decoration 2

So..... Having started to learn more about hand embroidery I have been looking at how I can use it in my quilts. Just experiments right now but exiting possibilities!
Here I have free machine quilted circles and then added straight stitches to suggest flowers. The texture I'm getting is really interesting and the hand stitching can be done while I watch TV, more sociable that the machine!
I have also just discovered Seeding - hypnotic or what!

Now I also discovered how to use up some sequin waste I had inherited - I think it will work very well on a piece I'm making now and I relly like the slightly other worldly quality it has!

Then I thought, what would it be like with beads in the holes!!!!
Isn't it wonderful what we can dream up when we are in the right frame of mind!

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