Friday, 19 October 2012

Not enough time......

If I'm to publish here more often, I need to "Do" less!!
My trip to the V & A for Nancy Crow's lecture was very thought provoking. I had bought her books and looked enviously at her programme of workshops and had heard of her forthright views. Listening to her in the flesh was even more informative.
I do enjoy learning a little of the processes that artists go through when conceiving of a piece of work and Nancy was generous in sharing some of that.
What struck me most strongly was the way in which the large fabric sheets she works on are treated just like great sheets of paper that most artists begin with. Repetition of process, refining the design, the mark making and asking what if creates a body of work, many pieces of which, will never see the light of day, but have served their purpose in pushing the boundaries.
Oh how envious were 90+% of her audience with the space at her disposal - to create in the back bedroom is a totally different order of creativity!
I hope I will now regard the pile of discarded fabric samples as just a necessary step along my rather narrow path!

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