Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Planning my next big piece

While at Festival this year I treated myself to a long length of printed cotton from Ghana. The pieces created by Esther have always attracted me and I am the proud owner of 3 of her lengths of fabric already.
Her colour combinations are always exciting and the hinted at motifs just make you itch to get creating. This is a small section of the fabric which shows the colours and some of the patterning.

I started playing with the spiral motif, looking at different ways of creating a spiral and applying it to the fabric.
Together with this Ghanaian fabric I had bought a range of toning silks, these worked well as appliqued shapes but I thought I might be interesting to piece a background using these different fabrics.
This is an 18" square sample.
Its not going to waste as I'm using this to make a pair of cushions for my sister!
Close up, you can see the stitching detail that I am increasingly enjoying adding to my work.
I think this has potential. I'll try another 18" square and then see if I can create a potential entry for FoQ next year.

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