Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Grayson Perry - The Vanity of Small Differences

My reward for completing all my Festival pieces with a day to spare was a trip to London to the Victoria Miro Gallery to see Grayson Perry's collection of six tapestries linked to the Channel 4 programmes. I wanted to see them before the Olympics made London totally unbearable.
I couldn't have chosen a hotter day, the walk along City Road seemed far longer than it actually was with the sun beating down!
The tapestries in real life are even more stunning than they appeared on the TV, vast, full of movement and colour such vibrant representations. Looking at them close up the referencing of religious works was more apparent yet subtle. I loved them.

One could read more into the  fabric with the benefit of seeing the TV programmes and listening to those he met, more poignant for that I think. For me the one disappointment was that there was no handling sample, it would have been so interesting to see the construction close up, but I was reminded that this was a selling exhibition not a public exhibition!
I found myself recognising the "camp" that I belonged to but I seem to have been blessed to do without the angst!
I just wish that I had the money, and the house to own one, an investment I think.

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  1. I loved that programme. I thought he was very respectful of all the different groups of people he spoke with - no snide comments or looks. I'm very envious of you having seen them 'in the flesh'.