Friday, 20 July 2012

Art in Action

Yesterday I went to Art in Action. The organisers were at pains to tell us that parking had been arranged on hard standing in the light of the waterlogged fields and that a Park and Ride system would be in place.
It took us nearly an hour go get from the M40 to the car park and another 50mins to queue for a bus to the show! A typically "British" queue, all good manners, grumbles and stiff upper lips! The reverse process was similarly grim as there were only 3 buses on stream during "the school run", which meant that a huge queue built up again snaking across the house and round the paths. A in A did a great job providing chairs for those who needed them and glasses of water and lemonade to keep us hydrated - it was a day without rain and some real hot sunshine.
I am still glad I went as it is such a fabulous showcase of artistic talent. I don't think that there were as many "wow" factor artefacts and artists this year, especially in Ceramics where there was a preponderance of domestic wear. Textiles was a mixed bag, again less of the "wow" - Susan Macarthur's painted and stitched figures were a feature.

Jeanette Appleton's work was interesting, she also demonstrated, and she had some stunning small pieces for sale.
The best was a display of Sue Rangeley's machine embroidery - quite stunning, exquisite delicate work.
The "Tent Makers of Cairo" were there, lots of interest but I'm not sure if there was much selling, true in other tents too I think.
In the Commonwealth Tent Stella Xemphondos had a range of naive Appliqué and hand painted silks.

I bought bits and bobs from Oliver's Twists and Artvango but otherwise came home empty handed!
Not sure if I will make any special efforts to go again next year.

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  1. It was such a shame that so many people had trouble getting to Art in Action. We got to the car park quite early and had no trouble getting there, but had to wait for an hour for a bus back! Still I think it was a miracle that it happened at all!

    Like you I felt that the textile marquee has lost it's "zing". Most of the artists seem to be invited back year after year and although it was interesting to see Kate Middleton's milliner and wonderful hand beaded evening and bridal gowns, it would have been better to have some new blood.

    Still we love the whole event, especially the music and the food!