Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bletchley Park Exhibition

Yesterday I visited the exhibition held in the Mansion on the site of the Codebreakers museum. There were 2 sections, A Bletchley Open - for any quilts with an attachment to Bletchley and Secret Messages which was a judged exhibition of quilts linked to secret messages.
I had entered a piece into the Secret Messages section.
When I designed it I thought of the idea of people sent off into the unknown, in dark night skies, this gave me my colour scheme - I decided that my piece would have a hidden message - in code - and my text came directly from the description of Bletchey Park. I chose to use a "Pig-Pen" Code, a substitution code with geometric shapes corresponding to the letters. Finally I decided to run two searchligh beams through the text and add bursts of flack.
I was thrilled to bits when I arrived yesterday to see that I has been given a "Highly Commended" sticker for this piece! This is the first time that any piece of mine has received public recognition - so feeling a little glow of pride!
Now its back to work so that I can finish my piece for CQ10.


  1. Congratulations - well deserved!

    Now I have to get on with my CQ@10 piece!

  2. Congratulations Sarah and lovely to 'see' you too :-)