Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September's JQ

The gaping hole that has been September has been taken up with completely empting my work room ready for a make-over! What a job it has been! I had no idea how much "stuff" I had accumulated and how much of it really needed to be thrown away. The problem is that when one starts to empty everything, you keep stopping - musing over what you find, asking oneself why on earth one bought it or marvelling that you still had some of that wonderful fabric you thought you'd finished! The books have been culled, some old favourites kept but the "how to" ones have gone to homes that still need them!
Most importantly I need to develop a new discipline about working once I'm back in my room - no point in all this pain if I can't maintain a tidier, more organised space! Those who know me well will realise what a steep learning curve this will be and probably believe that in 6 months it will be as untidy as before! In part it is that I usually have two or three different pieces of work on the go at any one time - an "art quilt" project, a hand stitched piece that I can watch TV doing and a bog standard one for friends children/grandchildren! So unless I'm very disciplined they are all out cluttering the place!

I have finally completed the September JQ, it is certainly of a better standard than August but I think June is the best of this quartet.
While the room is being done, I will have to plan the next 4 JQs - all needing to include buttons! There are gremlins in the machine and photos will not load at all - I'll try to add them later. 12-10-11 Photo finally added!

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