Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The room before makeover!

As you know I have had to empty my workroom - what a task. You have no idea how much rubbish I have accumulated over the years or the joy of finding things I thought I'd lost. In order to appreciate the new room I decided to take some "before" shots so that I will appreciate the changes even more!
The room should be finished this week so I am now looking at all the huge amount of "stuff" piled in the spare room to develop a plan for where all of it will go. At the start I wanted to have space for completed quilts to be kept rolled, so the longest shelf in the cupboard is needed for that. The new wall unit will take my boxes of fabrics, one colour a box and the boxes of kit I use all the time - cutters, scissors, mark making things, tapemeasures etc. The books have been culled, so there should be more space on the shelves for sketchbooks and the inevitable crop of new books! My goal is to develop a more organised method of working that will stop me having so many different things on the go at the same time. Hopefully I will now have the space for each project to have a box so that it can be put away each evening! I have been practicing - my work table is in our bedroom so I have to clear up each evening, on pain of divorce!!!

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