Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Going for a different scale

Having decided to cut "Strata" up I'm now working on a variation of the same theme. Going back to my May JQ I really liked the flowing lines and thought that might be mileage in developing this at a bigger scale.
This scale will be too large to use bondaweb to construct the face fabric so I need a different method. Appliqué would give me too many fabric layers, and curved piecing may not be appropriate when there are so many curves to fit together.
Some time ago a friend who had been on Pat Deacon's irregular piecing course

showed me the technique. You trace the lines onto the reverse of the drawing and trace these new lines onto Freezer paper. Reference marks are drawn through each set of lines for matching up later and you have to work out which bits are concave and which convex, .The freezer paper is ironed into the WS of the fabric and each piece is cut out with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and all concave sections are snipped. You then need some spray starch and a small iron. Damp the snipped seam allowances and press them over the freezer paper, the starch holds them in place. you then match each pair of sections WS up so that the snipped section fit under the convex sections. They are held in place with stick tape until stitched using the blind hem stitch on the machine. The thrown stitch going into the sections with the folded edges. Its what I think I need for this piece. So.....
I have made some samples to try it out, learned a few important lessons about tracing curved lines and marking the source drawing properly before I do anything!!! However the most important thing being that the technique will allow me to do what I want to do.
Now I need to draw out the full piece and source my fabrics, some of which will be my own dyed and printed fabrics.
The photos show some of my sample pieces.

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  1. This is a great technique to master - produces very good results.