Thursday, 2 June 2011

Trial quilting

Today I have put together a small sample of the larger scale piece I want to make to see if I could scale up the quilting stitches and surface decoration I will need to create.
I tacked the outline of each piece so that I could work from the back on some sections to use thicker threads in the bobbin, this worked well with some Turkish threads given to me by a friend, but I don't have the colour I would need, but now I know the thickness I'm looking for.
I also used a stitch Angie Hughes taught me, loosening the bobbin tension and tightening the top tension when stitching a large stipple works well as long as you remember to work the machine at a fast speed but move the fabric really slowly. I really like the texture you get with this stitch and adding markle to the surface makes it look more like a carpet!

I also used the automatic lettering option to create quilted lines made up of text. From a distance it looks like wide lines of stitched pattern, the text is only obvious when looked at close to. I rather like the ambiguity of this.

I have also cut the bottom edge of the sample to echo the lines of the design and I'm please with that effect so will look at the possibilities of doing this to the final piece. I've tried some larger beads, and need to decide whether they are in fact too big. Large circles and padded circles under the felt have worked well but I find myself asking at what point stitching on an Art Quilt is acceptable rather than being seen as poor quality stitching, if you end up with exactly the effect you sought?

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