Monday, 30 May 2011

"Strata" developments

While away and working on the quilting of the "Strata" quilt I came to realise that the format of the piece was wrong, too tight and constrained, a long way from the rock formations I started with. At first I thought it was just end up as another UFO, but folding it up to put away I realised that what I actually had wad 3 different pieces of work. 1 small wall hanging and 2 pieces of mixed media gallery textiles. I am so pleased that all that work is not totally wasted and I now feel a lot more comfortable completing the pieces. The photo shows the wall hanging section which is now nearly complete.

It did however mean that I had entered a quilt for FoQ which did not now exist!! So.... I have been busy looking at an alternative piece. More of that later.

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