Sunday, 13 February 2011

ISG - Experimenting with fabric dyeing and printing

One of the things that I am very keen to do is produce more of my own fabrics to work with. I am, however a novice in this area and recognise that I will need to try a large number of experiments before I can begin to get anything really useful and certainly anything repeatable!
I have been looking at the repeatability of some of my initial design ideas and the fabrics I dyed yesterday are destined to be used in these experiments. The photographs show the 1st repeat design idea, some of the fabrics dyed and a sample of screen printed fabric.
Working in the small volumes I am doing I found it quite hard to measure dyes accurately enough to get repeatability. I now know that I will need to use teaspoon/part teaspoon measures and write out the "recipe" for each batch so that I can get the batch as I want it. I have also chosen to work from primary colours rather than buying the exact shade I want, I think I will learn more this way. I also recognise how difficult it was for me yesterday to accurately predict the extent to which a dye would become more pale on drying. All of these things will become easier with practice. It was also so much easier to do in a "wet" area rather than a kitchen or workroom in the home! I will therefore need to make really good use of my studio time at ISG to create the fabrics which I can work with at home, I can even screen print at home, so the dyeing needs to be done each month.

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  1. I think you're spot on with your comments about repeating dying results - accuracy and recording are vital. Love what you've done so far.