Friday, 31 December 2010

Rounding off 2010

I have spent the last few days trying to bring order to the chaos of my sewing room. Nothing grand, it has to be able to be turned back into a spare room when we have multiple guests, but it gets very untidy and I really don't have enough spaces to put things. Added to this I am really bad at throwing things away! I always think that it might come in useful somewhere down the line!
I have thrown out no end..... Old books I'll never look at again, out of date magazines, culled for odd images and articles which are now filed. The shelf unit is done and tomorrow I have the fabric stash cupboard to deal with. Things are now more logically stored, but I suspect I need to label the drawers, or I will spend valuable time trying to recall where I put things! The thought of starting a new year with a tidy, ordered space is a good one.
I feel quite up about the progress I have made on my journey this year, the JQ's have certainly helped boost my ability to produce a series of work; the Region 7 challenge was just that, and I will approach any further group efforts with more confidence. The UFOs have dwindled to just 2 and they will be done before too long and more than anything I have so enjoyed the time working away with fabric and thread and am really looking forward to the JQ challenge for next year; spending a day a month with Bren Boardman working on a series of small quilts and my big aim of producing a quilt for NEC in August.
Full set of 2010 JQs assembled for posterity, then they go into storage!(Yes I know the photos wonky, can't get far enough away from them to photograph properly!)

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  1. I'm very impressed you're tidying your sewing room - I keep trying to sort mine out but am easily distracted.
    I love your journal quilts - it's been great seeing their progress and the techniques you've used.
    Cant' wait to see how you get on next year.
    All the best for 2011.