Thursday, 23 December 2010

December JQ

Despite my fears, I am relieved to have completed the challenge within the set time! This month my JQ is the image for my Christmas Cards. The background is my own printed fabric, from a plastazote block made from baking beans and printed with acrylic paints. The background is quilted using a double needle which really saved me some time! The image appliqued and some decorative stitching applied. I tried to put a couple of Christmas garlands in the background, but my base fabric is too busy and the machine stitched too small, so they are rather lost.
I have so enjoyed this monthly challenge, I wish I had made myself keep to the original theme, even though my creative ideas were running a bit thin, a series of 12 would have been a lovely set to keep. As it is I have put a set of three ready to hang and plan to put another three together in the same way, the rest as they say will be history!!
The discipline has been really good for me and I now know that I must take time in January to plan a series not just one month at a time, not that this means that I will have to adhere rigidly to the plan, but this way I should have a collection worthy of the name.
Roll on January and finding out what the next challenge is!


  1. A very festive final JQ. Congratulations on finishing them all.

  2. Congratulations on finishing Sarah and I like this festive JQ. Like you I hope to work to a plan next year. Doubt I'll manage it as usual but the thoughts there! Have a good Christmas.