Sunday, 1 August 2010

A new beginning - Jan's Quilt

My sister-in-law has asked if I'll make her a quilt. Her colour scheme suites me and I've got free rein over designs and fabrics within the palette - joy! I was surprised by the number of fabrics I have already, and can probably make the whole thing with perhaps 3 or 4 fat quarters to add to the stash, that seems a very good deal.
The photo is of the stash and one of my initial design ideas. Next week I can show these to Jan and get started. I'll make some sample block next week and try some quilting designs on them as its quite hard for a non quilter to be able to visualise the finished effect from a drawing.
I've got EQ7 as a present, and I'm really pleased with the improved functionality over EQ5 and think it will make the sort of work I'm doing a great deal easier. I can so well remember the days of multiple sheets of graph paper and colouring pencils which took forever and the effort of having to draw out each new idea in full, thank goodness for modern technology!

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