Thursday, 25 June 2015

Catherine Nicholls at The Bramble Patch

The "Strawberries and Cream" exhibition this year featured a small collection of work by Catherine Nicholls and Edwina MacKinnon. 
I was very drawn to the muted colours and architectural details that underpinned the pieces on show. I have twice wanted to take a course with Catherine and failed because of diary classes so reinforced my interest in finding a suitable chance to follow through.

The following pieces by Catherine and Edwina were inspired by the same place, giving a fascinating snapshot of the way different people respond to the same imagery.

Catherine 's piece

Edwina's piece.

The strong colours and line in the next piece reminded me that complexity of construction and or stitchery is not necessary when the image is so dominant.

Finally I was intrigued by the piece inspired by rock dwellings. Here is what Catherine wrote about them:

Here is the piece.

I was luck to see all of this with two fellow quilters and enjoy discussion about the work as well as bumping into others I know. I love the sociability of quilters!


  1. Thanks for e review. Interesting. Haven't been to BP for a while. I need to pop up there.

  2. I loved the exhibition. And it was lovely to see you there. See you soon.